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Convert spelled-out words into their corresponding number easily.

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Words to Number Converter converts spelt-out number words into their corresponding numeric values.
Simply enter spelt-out number words and click the "Convert" button to get the result instantly.
For example, entering One million and Nine would convert to 1,000,009 in numbers.

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Welcome to our "Words to Number Converter" tool. This tool converts number words into their corresponding numeric values. It is easy to use and converts words to numbers instantly. Just type or copy/paste the words in the "Input" field and press the "Convert to Number" button. The numeric values will be immediately converted and shown in the "Output" field.

This tool supports the International, Indian European number formats. So writing "One lakh" or "Three crore and Fifteen lakh" in Indian formal is acceptable, while the International and European formats accept millions and billions. You can write numbers as large as hundred trillions making it a really useful tool for a diverse range of usages.

What This Tool Does:

This "Words to Number Converter" tool allows you to change words into their corresponding numeric values and get a result in the International, Indian or European number format. It recognizes common words for numbers (e.g., one, hundred, million, thousand and so on) and converts them into their numeric representation. You can enter a sentence that comprises valid number words, and the tool will process the words and provide you with the numeric result. You can convert word numbers written in the International format (e.g. One million and nine thousand), or are in Indian format (e.g. One crore, five lakh and three thousand seven).

From the dropdown menu, you can select a number format (available options are "International format", "Indian format" and "European format"), and this tool will give you the output based on your choice.

One the desired output is ready, you can copy or download the number words, and use them wherever required. This tool also allows you to change the text case of spelt-out numbers. The supported text cases are Title Case, lower case and UPPER CASE.


FAQ 1: Is this tool free to use?
Answer: Yes, this tool is totally free to use. You don't even have to sign up or log in to use it.

FAQ 2: Can I use this tool to convert large numbers?
Answer: Yes, this tool is designed to handle large numbers like one hundred trillion.

FAQ 3: What number formats does the tool support?
Answer: This tool supports both the International and Indian number formats. It can handle different formats found in written text.

FAQ 4: Can I copy or download the converted numeric values?
Answer: Yes, you can copy the converted numeric values using the "Copy" button provided in the output area. Additionally, you can use the "Download" button to save the result as a text file on your device.

FAQ 5: Is this tool accurate for converting words to numbers?
Answer: Yes, this tool is designed to be accurate in converting words to numbers. It was made to ensure precision in the conversion process.


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