Remove Duplicate Lines

Removes duplicate lines/entries from text and keeps the unique lines of text.

Remove Duplicate Lines

This tool removes duplicate lines (or multiple copies) of lines to clean up your text.
Copy & paste, or type in your text in the "Input" field & press the "Remove Duplicates" button to get the result.
It is a handy tool to prevent repeating content in a list from a list of plain text.

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Introducing our powerful Duplicate Line/String Remover tool, a time-saving solution designed to effortlessly eliminate duplicate lines or strings from your text data, ensuring precise results.

This tool helps you clean up text by removing duplicate lines or strings in your text. Simply type or paste your text in the "Input" field and press the "Remove Duplicates" button. The cleaned-up text will appear in the "Output" field. This tool can be extremely useful in scenarios where you want to ensure that your text contains unique lines. We hope you will find it helpful!

This tool efficiently analyzes every line in your text, identifying and eliminating any duplicate lines. Once the process is complete, you can effortlessly insert the freshly refined unique lines back into your document for preservation.

The Duplicate Line Remover is a versatile companion, compatible with various operating systems and browsers, including Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more. Whether you're streamlining your code, cleaning up survey data, or refining your content, this tool is here to simplify your tasks and enhance your productivity.

What This Tool Does:

The "Remove Duplicate Lines" tool is designed to eliminate duplicate lines from your text, resulting in cleaner and more organized content. It ensures that your text contains only unique lines, removing any redundant or repetitive information. This tool is particularly useful for preventing duplicate content in lists or documents.

Choose this online tool, which is free to use. It simplifies the process of removing duplicate lines, saving you time and effort when you need to ensure that your text is free from duplicates for better clarity and readability.

Features & Options

Load an Example: It loads a sample text into the input field for experimentation. If you are not sure how this tool works, just press this link and start exploring.

Upload a File: This feature allows you to upload a text file into the input field. It is very useful for processing large text files or when you have a saved file in your local drive.

Input: The "Input" textarea is the place where you can type or paste your text. If you upload a file, the text will appear here.

Output: The "Output" textarea is the place where the cleaned text output appears. When you click on the "Copy" or "Download" button, the output gets copied or downloaded based on your choice.

Trim: This option removes extra spaces at the beginning and end of each line, as well as multiple spaces/tabs in between words. This option is by default enabled. When the "Trim" option is enabled, extra spaces are removed from the text before searching for duplicate lines, and therefore two lines of text with the same text but different spacing will be treated as duplicates.

Case Sensitive: Toggle case sensitivity for identifying duplicate lines considering or ignoring the text case. If this option is disabled, lines with the same text but different cases will be treated as duplicates and therefore removed except for the first occurrence. If it is enabled, lines with the same text but different cases will be treated as individual unique lines and therefore kept.

Copy: Copy the text from the output area to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Download: Download the cleaned text as a text file to your local computer or mobile device.

Remove Duplicates: Press this button to remove duplicate lines from the input text. This is the central and most important feature of this tool.

Clear & Reset: Clear both the input and output areas and reset the tool to its initial state. When you want to start over, just press this button and start afresh.

When to Use This Tool?

The "Remove Duplicate Lines" tool proves valuable in cleaning up text content, especially when dealing with user-generated text, copied content from various sources, or data from unstructured documents. Removing duplicate lines and ensuring that your text contains only unique content can enhance the overall quality of the text, making it easier to process, analyze, or display.

For example, it can be applied to clean up lists, datasets, or any text that should not have duplicate entries. It's particularly useful when working with data that needs to be de-duplicated for analysis or presentation purposes. This tool simplifies the process, saving time and effort in manual clean-up tasks.

With just a single click, you can efficiently process vast amounts of data, making it an ideal choice for programmers, data analysts, SEO experts, students, surveyors, and writers. This tool takes any list and transforms it into a more valuable resource by swiftly removing redundant entries.


FAQ 1: What does the "Remove Duplicate Lines" tool do?
Answer: The "Remove Duplicate Lines" tool is designed to eliminate duplicate lines from your text. It ensures that your text contains only unique lines and removes any redundant or repetitive information, making your content cleaner and more organized.

FAQ 2: How can I use this tool to remove duplicate lines from my text?
Answer: To use the tool, upload a text file or simply paste or type your text into the "Input" field. Then, press the "Remove Duplicates" button. The tool will identify and remove duplicate lines, and the cleaned text will appear in the "Output" field.

FAQ 3: Is this tool free to use?
Answer: Yes, the "Remove Duplicate Lines" tool is completely free to use. You can access and utilize its features without any cost or subscription requirements.

FAQ 4: Can I upload a text file for processing with this tool?
Answer: Yes, you can upload a text file by clicking the "Upload a file" button and selecting the file you want to process. This is particularly helpful for handling large text files efficiently.

FAQ 5: What is the purpose of the "Trim" and "Case Sensitive" options?
Answer: The "Trim" option, which is enabled by default, removes extra spaces at the beginning and end of each line and reduces multiple spaces/tabs within lines to a single space. The "Case Sensitive" option allows you to choose whether to consider case sensitivity when identifying duplicate lines.

FAQ 6: Do you save the text I upload or type in?
Answer: No, we do not save any text that you upload or type into the tool. Your input text is processed within the tool, and we do not retain any of the text you provide.

FAQ 7: Is there any limit to the input text that I can upload or type?
Answer: While there may be a practical limit to the amount of text you can process in a single operation due to system capabilities, there are no specific character or word limits set by the tool. You can upload or type text as long as it remains within the tool's operational capacity.


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