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Our "Add Prefix and/or Suffix" tool performs the task of inserting a prefix and/or suffix to each line of your text. You can choose to add either a prefix or suffix, or both. This tool is pretty simple and intuitive to use. As you already know, the prefix comes at the beginning of the line and the suffix at the end. The prefix or suffix that you use can be a single character (e.g. "A"), a number (e.g. "1"), a word (e.g. "Line:"), an expression (e.g. "Start Count:-"") and so on. You can even use formatting instructions or elements of certain programming or scripting languages as prefixes or suffixes. The possibility is virtually limitless.

Just enter your text in the Input/Result Textarea, and then decide on the "Prefix" and "Suffix" you want to insert (you can add only a prefix or a suffix as well), and finally, press the "Apply" button. Viola! Your text now has your desired prefix at the beginning of each line of your text and suffix at the end of each line. Adjust the spaces with your prefix and suffix to make your text presentable.

This tool has an "Exclude Empty Line" switch option, which when selected or enabled will avoid adding a prefix to blank text lines. If you choose to disable it, your prefix and suffix will also append in the blank lines of your text if you have any.

When to Use this Tool?

Whenever you need to do bulk prefix or suffix adding, this tool is your simplest solution. With this powerful online tool, you can add any prefix or suffix to any batch of keywords that you are working with, which would otherwise be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Use this "Add Prefix and/or Suffix" tool when you want to add a prefix and/or a suffix online easily to each line of the text you have. You may need to add prefixes and/or suffixes for many different reasons, including:

Wrapping Lines: You may want to wrap the lines to make them look or act a certain way.

HTML Lists: You may want to add prefixes and/or suffixes into lines of text to create an HTML list.

Programming: You may want to enclose certain lines of text with parts of programming or scripting languages.

Poetry: You may want to add certain words at the beginning of each line in a poem.

Punctuation: You may want to add a comma, colon, semicolon, or full stop at the end of each line of text.

Changing Words: You may have a list of words that all need the prefix "un" added to them to change the meaning of the word.

Instead of doing any of the above tasks line by line, use our online tool as it does the task accurately and instantly.

The "Add Prefix and/or Suffix" tool can also be extremely useful when you need to add a prefix or suffix quickly to your text. For example, you can add suffixes or prefixes to do cross-browser testing, make your text ready for presentation, or format your text. Many web developers use this tool to generate HTML lists.


Suppose you have a list of names:

Derek Galvin
Keith Marshall
Emma Thomson
John Blair
Sheen Lee
Mohammed Amir
Joseph Crowley
Robin Singh

You can choose Hello, as the prefix, and ! as the suffix. Then the generated output will become:

Hello, Derek Galvin!
Hello, Keith Marshall!
Hello, Emma Thomson!
Hello, John Blair!
Hello, Sheen Lee!
Hello, Mohammed Amir!
Hello, Joseph Crowley!
Hello, Robin Singh!

You can also format your text in a desired format using this Add Prefix and/or Suffix tool. For instance, if you use (" as the prefix, and ") as the suffix, Hello! will become: ("Hello!"). By adding a prefix or suffix to a list of words, you can quickly and easily modify them all at once.

How to Use this Tool?

Enter Text: Upload, copy & paste, or type your text into the "Input/Result" textarea.

Set Prefix and Suffix: Enter the desired prefix in the "Prefix" field and the desired suffix in the "Suffix" field. Please use spaces correctly to get your desired results.

Exclude Empty Lines: Toggle/Enable the "Exclude Empty Lines" switch if you do not want to add prefixes or suffixes to empty lines. Please note that this option is enabled by default.

Click "Apply": Press the "Apply" button to add the specified prefix and/or suffix to each line of the text.

Copy Updated Text: Once satisfied, copy the updated text to the clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button, and use it wherever you need it.

Download: You can download the updated text as a file by pressing the "Download" button.

Clear The Text Area: Press the "Clear" button to clear the textarea. This way, you can start over.

Ready to streamline your text formatting? Our online Add Prefix and/or Suffix Tool is your best solution!


FAQ 1: What are prefixes and suffixes?
Answer: Prefixes and suffixes are affixes, which are added to the beginning (prefix) or the end (suffix) of a word to modify its meaning or create a new word. For example, in the word "unhappy," "un-" is a prefix and "-y" is a suffix.

FAQ 2: Why would I want to add prefixes and suffixes to words?
Answer: You may want to do so to change the meaning, tense, or grammatical function of a word. You may also want to add prefixes and/or suffixes to create an HTML list, add rhymes to poetry, add punctuations, edit/format programming codes, and so on.

FAQ 3: What are some common prefixes and suffixes?
Answer: Common prefixes include "un-", "re-", "pre-", "dis-", "mis-", and "anti-". Common suffixes include "-able/-ible", "-ly", "-ment", "-ful", "-less", and "-tion/-sion".

FAQ 4: What can I do if I don't want to type or copy & paste any text?
Answer: Well, this tool comes with a preloaded text that you can use and test the feature without typing or copy/pasting anything.

FAQ 5: Am I required to sign up or pay in order to use this tool?
Answer: No, our Add Prefix and/or Suffix tool is completely free and requires no sign-up.

FAQ 6: Do you save the text I insert in the tool?
Answer: No, we do not save your text. We respect your privacy, and your data remains confidential.


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