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Welcome to our Online Find & Replace Tool! This powerful tool helps you to find all the instances of a word or expression and replace them with another word or phrase of your choice. Whether you're editing a document, coding, or simply tweaking some content, our tool streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. This is such a lifesaver when it comes to formatting and editing a large document in which you want certain words or phrases to be edited, corrected or replaced.

Match Case & Whole Word:

Match Case:

By default this option is disabled. By clicking on the Switch button, you can enable it. With this option enabled, our tool will find and replace the word or phrase, only if the letter case matches exactly. If the letter cases do not match, the tool won't replace that word or phrase.

For instance:
Find: "apple"
Replace With: "banana"
Your text/ Input: Apple is such a healthy fruit. Apple gives us vitamin C.

In your text, "Apple", in both cases, will not be replaced because the case doesn't match.

Whole Word:

When the "Whole Word" option is enabled, replacements will occur only when the entire word or phrase matches. By default this option is disabled.

For instance:
Find: "hat"
Replace With: "cap"
Your text/ Input: Last week, I had a chat with Emmy. We chatted about old times.

In this case, "chat" will not change because it contains "hat" within a larger word.

When to Use this Tool?

You can use this tool whenever you need to find and replace words/phrases in your text, and you want to do it online quickly with precision. Our "Online Find & Replace Tool" is handy in various scenarios:

Editing Documents: Quickly edit and replace specific terms in your documents or reports.

Programming: Easily update code by replacing variable names or function calls.

Content Tweaking: Fine-tune content on your website or blog by replacing words or phrases.

Data Cleaning: When working with large datasets, this tool becomes invaluable for cleaning and standardizing data. Whether you need to replace formatting inconsistencies, correct spelling errors, or adjust data structures, it streamlines the process.

SEO Optimization: Enhancing your website's search engine optimization (SEO) often involves tweaking the content. Use the tool to replace keywords or phrases to align with your SEO strategy, improving your site's search visibility.

Localization and Translation: Adapting content for different regions or languages can be time-consuming. The tool simplifies the process by allowing you to quickly find and replace text, ensuring that your content is culturally relevant and linguistically accurate across various markets.

How to Use this Tool?

Enter Your Text: Upload, copy & paste or type your text into the "Input/Result" text area.

Set Your Preferences: Toggle the "Match Case" and "Whole Word" options based on your needs.

Define Find and Replace: In the "Find" and "Replace With" text areas, enter the word or phrase you want to replace and the replacement.

Click "Find & Replace": Hit the button, and our tool will instantly process your text, making the necessary changes.

Copy Your Updated Text: Once satisfied, copy the updated text to your clipboard by pressing the "Copy Text" button, and use it wherever you need it.

Download As File: Once you are done replacing, you can download the output just by pressing the "Download" button.

Clear The Text Area: By pressing the "Clear Text" button you can clear the textarea.

Ready to streamline your editing process? Try our Online Find and Replace Tool now!


FAQ 1: Is there a character limit for the text I can process?
Answer: Yes, the text area has a character limit of 50,000. To give you a hint, 50,000 characters are roughly equivalent to 10,000 words or 30 pages. If your text exceeds this limit, consider breaking it into smaller sections for processing.

FAQ 2: Can I replace multiple words or phrases at once?
Answer: Yes! You can perform multiple replacements in one go. Just enter the word(s) in the "Find" and "Replace With" fields, and our tool will handle the rest. In one go, all the instances of your desired word(s) will be replaced.

FAQ 3: I don't want to type or copy & paste any text. Is there any way to still test the features of this tool?
Answer: Yes, Our "Find & Replace" tool comes with a preloaded text that you can use and test without typing or copy/pasting anything.

FAQ 4: Do I need to sign up or pay to use this tool?
Answer: No, our Find and Replace Tool is completely free and requires no sign-up. Enjoy hassle-free editing!

FAQ 5: Do you save the text I input?
Answer: No, your input text is not saved. We respect your privacy, and your data remains confidential.

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