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"Convert to Programmer's Text Case" is a handy online tool, and with it, you can convert your text to a different text case which is specifically required by a programmer (/coder) or web designer. Sometimes it is very helpful, especially when you have typed some texts or written codes which are not in the right case.

You may also want to change the case of your text or code to conform with the convention or to make it useful for other programmers. You can change or convert to any text case instantly, and copy and paste the texts, or download it as a file, wherever you want. This tool offers conversion of your text to lowercase, camelCase, snake_case, snail_case, hyphen-case, kebab-case, PascalCase, COBOL-CASE, MACRO_CASE and so on. This tool saves a great deal of time and effort.

What Do the Buttons Do?

Load an example: It enters a few lines of dummy text in the "Input" text area so that you don't have to type or copy & paste anything in order to try the tool.

Upload a file: It enables you to upload a text file in the "Input" text area. This is especailly helpful when you have a file of text that needs some case conversions.

lowercase: Converts text to lowercase.

camelCase/lowerCamelCase: Converts text to camelCase (First Word is in lowercase, Others Begin With a Capital Letter).

snake_case/snail_case/ pothole_case: Converts text to snake_case/ snail_case (Words separated by "Underscores" and the first letter of each word is written in lowercase).

dash-case/hyphen-case/ kebab-case: Converts text to hyphen-case/ kebab-case (Words separated by "Hyphens" and the first letter of each word is written in lowercase).

PascalCase/UpperCamelCase: Converts text to PascalCase (Each Word Begins With A Capital Letter).

COBOL-CASE/SCREAMING-KEBAB-CASE: Converts text to COBOL-CASE (Each Word Separated by Hyphens and Begins With a Capital Letter).

MACRO_CASE/CONSTANT_CASE/ SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE: Converts text to MACRO_CASE (All Uppercase Letters Separated by Underscores).

Copy: It copies the text from the Output textarea to the clipboard so that you can paste it wherever you want.

Clear: It clears the text from the Input and Output textareas.

Download: It downloads the output from the Output textareas and saves it as a file.

Basic Examples & Use Cases

lowercase: Example: the quick brown fox, another example, hello world.
Use Cases: HTML element and attribute names. [Please note that the lower test case ensures readability, consistency, and compatibility across different platforms and systems. It is usually, preferred in most programming languages.]

camelCase/ lowerCamelCase: Example: theQuickBrownFox, anotherExample, helloWorld.
Use Cases: Visual Basic(VB), JavaScript, Java, Modula, JASON elements name, .NET etc.

snake_case/ snail_case/ pothole_case: Example: the_quick_brown_fox, another_example, hello_world.
Use Cases: Python, PHP, C++, Ruby, WordPress, Database Table and Column names etc.

kebab-case/ hyphen-case/ dash-case: Example: the-quick-brown-fox, another-example, hello-world.
Use Cases: CSS, HTML, Perl 6, JavaScript REST endpoints etc.

PascalCase/ UpperCamelCase: Example: TheQuickBrownFox, AnotherExample, HelloWorld.
Use Cases: C++, C#, Java etc.

Use Case: COBOL, Macros, Tweets etc.

Use Cases: Constant naming in C, JavaScript and Java.

How to Use this Tool?

Using this online Programmer's Case Converting tool is quite easy as the tool is intuitive. Just upload a text file, or copy & paste your text in the "Input" text area or type your desired text there. Then you can click on different buttons based on the type of text case you are expecting. For example, if you have one or more variable names or text that you want to convert to a specific naming convention, paste it in the text area and choose the appropriate button like "PascalCase", "camelCase", "snake_case", etc. Once your desired output is ready in the "Output" text area, download it, or just copy it and then paste it to your desired place.

Load an example button lets you automatically add some texts in the Input text area. With this dummy text, you can experiment with the different buttons to see the output and understand what each button does. Upload File button allows you to automatically add texts in the Input text area from the text file you choose. You can upload only text files.

Have fun using our Programmer's Text Case Converter tool. If you find it helpful, please recommend it to people you know.

Text Cases Converted by this Tool

Our "Programmer's Text Case Converter" tool can convert text into various common text cases used by programmers and designers. Here are the text cases that you can easily generate with this tool:

1. Lower Case:

Description: In lowercase text case, all letters in a word, sentence or paragraph are in their small form. It is commonly used for regular text within a sentence or paragraph.

Example: "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

2. Camel Case / Lower Camel Case:

Description: Camel case combines words by removing spaces & punctuations and capitalizing the first letter of each word except for the first letter in the first word in the case of lower camel case. There are two types of camel cases: upper camel case & lower camel case.

In the lower camel case, the first letter is not capitalized, but the first letters in the remaining words are capitalized like in "camelCaseExample" & "iAmCamelCase". On the other hand, in the upper camel case (which is also known as the Pascal case), the initial letter or the first letter is also capitalized, like in "CamelCaseExample" and "IAmCamelCase". Camel Case is often seen in programming for variable names or identifiers.

Lower Camel Case: "theQuickBrownFox", "verySuddenly", "jumpsOverTheLazyDog"
Upper Camel Case/ Pascal Case: "TheQuickBrownFox", "VerySuddenly", "JumpsOverTheLazyDog"

3. Snake Case/ Snail Case/ Pothole Case:

Description: Snake cass (/Snail case or Pothole case) replaces spaces with underscores and keeps all letters in lowercase format while removing punctuations. This case is commonly used in programming for variable names or filenames.

Example: "user_id" or "file_name" or "the_quick_brown_fox"

4. Kebab Case/ Hyphen Case / Dash Case:

Description: Kebab case (or hyphen case/ dash case) uses hyphens to separate words and maintains all letters in lowercase. It also removes punctuation marks. It is frequently used in URLs and filenames. Due to their use in the URLs, they are hugely popular.

Example: "page-title" or "date-of-birth" or "the-quick-brown-fox"

5. Pascal Case/ Upper Camel Case:

Description: Pascal Case and the Upper Camel Case have exactly the same naming conventions. Pascal Case is a naming convention where the first letter of each word is capitalized and spaces or punctuation marks are removed. It is commonly used for naming classes, variables, or identifiers in programming.

Example: "MyVariableName" or "EmployeeInfo" or "CalculateTotalAmount"

6. COBOL Case/ Screaming Kebab Case:

Description: COBOL Case, also known as Screaming Kebab Case is a naming convention that uses uppercase letters with words separated by a dash (-). It is prevalent in COBOL programming and is considered more readable due to its use of dash (-) between words.


7. Macro Case/ Constant Case/ Screaming Snake Case:

Description: Macro Case, also known as Constant Case or Screaming Snake Case is a naming convention where all letters are capitalized, and words are separated by underscores (_). It is commonly used for defining constants in programming and is known for its readability and distinction from variable names.


How This Tool Could Be Useful To Programmers?

If you're a programmer, manager or designer, our Programmer's Text Case Converter tool can be an invaluable asset in your toolkit. Here's how it can benefit you:

1. Consistent Naming Conventions:

Programming often requires adherence to specific naming conventions for variables, functions, and classes. With our tool, you can quickly convert your identifiers to camelCase, snake_case, or PascalCase, ensuring consistency and compliance with coding standards.

2. Error Correction:

Eliminate common capitalization errors in your code with ease. If you've accidentally left the Caps Lock on while typing, our tool can swiftly convert your code to the correct case, saving you time and frustration.

3. Readable Documentation:

When documenting your code or writing comments, maintaining proper capitalization is essential for readability. You can use our tool to convert text to make your documentation more professional and user-friendly.

4. URL and File Naming:

For web developers, creating SEO-friendly URLs and naming files appropriately is crucial. Kebab case and snake case, easily generated with our tool, are excellent choices for creating clean, search engine-friendly URLs and filenames.

5. Stylistic Choices:

If you're working on a project that requires a specific stylistic approach, our tool can help you achieve your desired look effortlessly.

6. Streamlining Code:

Ensure that your code is well-organized and follows the conventions of the programming language you're using. With just a few clicks, you can transform variable names, function names, and more to the desired case.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, our Programmer's Text Case Converter tool simplifies the process of formatting and structuring your code. It's a versatile solution that can save you time and help you maintain consistency in your programming projects.


FAQ 1: What is the Programmer's Text Case tool?
Answer: The Programmer's Text Case tool is a free online utility that allows you to convert text to various programmer-friendly formats, including camelCase, UpperCamelCase/PascalCase, snake_case/snail_case, hyphen-case/kebab-case, PascalCase/UpperCamelCase, COBOL-CASE, CONSTANT_CASE/MACRO_CASE and more.

FAQ 2: Do you save the text that I use in your tool?
Answer: No, we do not save any text that you upload, copy & paste or type in our Online Text Case Converter tool.

FAQ 3: I don't want to type or copy & paste any text. Is there any way to still test the features of this tool?
Answer: Yes, simply click on the "Load an example" button, and it will add a sample text in the text area. This way you can test/experiment with the different options without typing anything or copying & pasting any text.

FAQ 4: Can I copy the converted text?
Answer: Yes, you can click on the "Copy" button to copy the converted text to your clipboard. It's a convenient way to paste it into your code or documents.

FAQ 5: Can I download the converted text?
Answer: Yes, you can click on the "Download" button to download the converted text to your computer. It's highly useful to convert and save your code or document files.

FAQ 6: What is camelCase, and when is it used?
Answer: Camel Case is a convention where words are combined without spaces, and each word (except the first) begins with a capital letter while punctuations are also removed. However, there are two types of camel cases - lower camel cases and upper camel cases. In the case of upper camel cases, the first letter is also capitalized instead of keeping it small. The Camel Case is often used in programming for variable and function names.

FAQ 7: What is Macro Case, and when should I use it?
Answer: Macro Case, also referred to as Constant Case, uses uppercase letters with underscores (_) between words. It's ideal for defining constants and is distinct from variable names.

FAQ 8: Do you have browser plugins for the Change/Convert text case tool that you have here?
Answer: No, we do not have any browser plugins yet. We may release a plugin in the future.


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