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How to Use this Tool?

Just upload, or, copy & paste your text in the textarea or type in your text. Our Online Word and Character Counter will automatically count the number of characters (with space), characters (without space), words, letters (only a-z), sentences and lines and/or paragraphs. The counter works on the go as you type or as soon as you copy & paste or upload your text.

The "Reset Counter" button clears everything from the textarea and resets all the counters to zero (0).

Please note that ("Space", "Newline", and "Enter";) are also characters and therefore included in our character counter. However, they are excluded from the "Characters (without spaces)" counter.

Powerful Tool

Welcome to our Online Word & Character Counter Tool! Are you curious about the length of your text, be it a blog post, an essay, or even a tweet? Well, we've got you covered. Our free and efficient online utility will provide you with precise character, word, sentence, letter, and line counts for your text.

In the world of digital communication, adhering to character limits is crucial. Whether it's crafting the perfect email subject, ensuring your meta description fits neatly, or staying within the character constraints of a social media post, our tool is here to assist you. It's not just about counting characters; it's about saving your valuable time and ensuring your content fits where it needs to.

Have you ever wondered exactly how many characters and words are in a given text? No more need for guesswork! Our tool is capable of accurately counting characters and words, ensuring your writing meets any required limits. Additionally, it counts sentences, letters, and lines, providing a comprehensive overview of your text. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and hello to precise text counting!

What Is it for?

This Word and Character Coutner tool is free to use. You do not need to even log in or sign up to use this tool. We have kept it simple and easy to use. We did not want to give so much information about your words and character and simplicity is often more desired than complexity and a lot of data. The counter is super fast and counts on the go without any delays or page loads.

Our Word and Character Counter tool is a dedicated resource designed to provide you with accurate and immediate character, word, sentence, and line counts for your text. Whether you're an academic, a writer, a professional, or anyone else who needs to manage text length, our tool is your go-to solution.

Whether you're a student crafting essays, a professional composing emails, or a creative writer working on a novel, our Character Count Tool caters to your diverse needs. With its user-friendly interface, it's effortlessly easy to input your text and instantly receive accurate results.

Understading the Tool

Characters: It shows the number of characters in your text including the white spaces. For example, I am a simple text, and you are the writer! has 43 characters.

Words: It reveals the number of words in your text including the articles. For example, I am a simple text, and you are the writer! has 10 words.

Characters (without spaces): It displays the number of characters without any white spaces (spaces, tabs, line breaks). For example, I am a simple text, and you are the writer! has 34 characters (without spaces).

Letters: It presents the number of letters (a-z) in your text excluding spaces, special characters, symbols and numbers. For example, I am a simple text, and you are the writer! has 32 letters.

Sentences: It unveils the number of sentences that you have written in your text. For example, I am a simple text. You are the writer! has 2 sentences.

Lines: It gives you the number of line(s) you have typed in or copy & pasted in the text area. For example,

I am a simple text, and you are the writer.

Together we can achieve great things.

has 2 Lines.

Mastering Word & Character Limits

In the world of digital communication, word and character limits are everywhere, defining the scope of your content across various platforms. Understanding these limits ensures your messages are concise, impactful, and perfectly tailored to each platform's requirements.

Word and character limits across platforms

Here are some examples of word and character limits across popular platforms:

Facebook Page Description: Up to 255 characters.

Facebook Comments: Allow up to 8,000 characters.

Facebook Posts: Extremely generous with up to 63,206 characters, but posts between 40-80 characters work best.

Twitter/X (Regular Tweets): Up to 280 characters. It could be up to 10,000 for verified Blue accounts

Twitter/X (DMs - Direct Messages): Up to 10,000 characters.

Instagram Captions: Allow up to 2,200 characters, though 138-150 characters are ideal. Instagram "bios" have a maximum of 150 characters.

Reddit Titles: Can stretch up to 300 characters, while comments have a 10,000-character limit, and posts are capped at 40,000 characters.

SMS Text Messages: Limited to 160 characters. Messages beyond this are split into separate texts.

Apple iMessage: While technically unlimited, errors may occur if the message surpasses 20,000 characters.

TikTok Posts and Comments: Restricted to 150 characters, with profiles limited to 80 characters.

LinkedIn Summary: Accommodates up to 2,600 characters.

Pinterest Descriptions: Provide up to 500 characters.

eBay Titles: Constrained to 80 characters.

Yelp Posts: Offers ample space with a 5,000-character limit.

Title Tags (HTML): While limitless, Google search results will display around 64 characters.

Meta Descriptions (HTML): Unrestricted, but only the first 155-160 characters appear in Google search results.

Whether you're composing a tweet(x), curating a Facebook post, or writing an Instagram caption, the knowledge of character limits ensures your message remains effective and easily digestible.

At our platform, we provide a comprehensive character counting tool that enables you to effortlessly monitor and manage your content's length. Simplify your communication strategy, adhere to platform-specific guidelines, and optimize your digital presence with confidence.


FAQ 1: Is this tool free to use?
Answer: Yes, it is 100% free to use.

FAQ 2: Do spaces count as characters?
Answer: Yes, on a computer, a space is counted as a character. Each space takes up one byte in a computer's memory.

FAQ 3: Are 'am', 'is' and 'a' counted as words?
Answer: Yes, ARTICLES ('a', 'an', 'the') and TO BE VERBS ('am', 'is', 'are') are counted as words.

FAQ 4: Do punctuation marks are counted as characters?
Answer: Yes, punctuation marks (for example, full stop (.), exclamation mark(!), question mark(?) etc. are counted as characters. However, please note that they are not counted as "Characters".

FAQ 5: Will I get the count of words, characters, and so on as soon as I upload a file?
Answer: Yes, as soon as you upload a text file, our counter tool gives you the count of characters, words, lines and paragraphs instantly.

FAQ 6: Is there any limit for this word and character counter?
Answer: Our Word and Character Counter has a limit of 50,000 characters at a time. That means you can check 50,000 characters at a time. However, if you need to counter more than 50,000 characters of your document or text, simply split it and use the tool multiple times.


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